Lip Lift Stitches Not Dissolvable?

I had a lip lift procedure about a year ago, and the scar still is sensitive and bumpy, red and unnattractive. I scar well normally, but I am certain that the unsightly scar and pain is due to the fact that the doctor used stitches that are unable to be pulled out or cut underneath the skin. He said they were not dissolvable. What should I do? The area hurts.

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Revision of Sensitive Lip Lift Scar

If you are having scar discomfort this long after a lip lift, then you should have the scar excised and reclosed...preferably with a different suturing approach to that of the original procedure.

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Sensitive and bumpy sea after lip lift surgery

Thank you for your question. Without photos and more importantly in person exam it would be difficult to answer your question. You best option is to communicate your concern with your plastic surgeon and what option he/she has to correct it.

Moneer Jaibaji, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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