Does Lip Lift Help You Have a Particular Shape to the Upper Lip?

I'm form Switzerland so I alredy apologize if my English isnt't very correct. I'd like to have some info about the lip lifting because here in Switzerland isn't relly well known. I have naturally full lips but I don't like the distance between my upper lip and my nose. Anyway, it isn't that bad. What I love, is when the upper lips creates kind of an "arch" and it's really close to the nose (I'll put some picture). Is it possible to have this effect? And what are the costs? Thanks

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Lip Lift

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The lip lift will generally lift the middle 1/3 of the lips. This will create more of a pouting lip and will not lift the otuter 1/3 of the lip

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Lip Lift

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There are several types of Lip Lifts, based on location of the scar. All Lip lifts leave a permanent scar and involve removing a variable shape of upper lip skin to lift the lip (like a curtain) unveiling more upper incisor tooth show.

- Some Lip lifts hide the scar (some refer to it as buffalo of bull horn shaped) in the shadow at the base of the nose. These lifts elevate the central portion of the lip and shorten long lips and long PHILTRAL COLUMNS (the converging linear creases on either side of the central philtral depression).

- Others place permanent scars just above the lip. The location of the scar is much harder to hide but such lifts can evert (bring out) more of the pink/moist lip lining and when placed in the corners pull up down turned, sad mouth corners.

Of important consideration, the vast majority of these operations are done in older women with thinner lips. They are not commonly done in younger women unless the lip is very long and the  woman accepts a permanent , visible scar. Under NO circumstances will a Lip Lift plump the lip as in the photo you provided. That may be accomplished with a larger amount of filler. The lip lift would only - lift.

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