Lip Lift vs. Lip Augmentation for Crooked Lips?

My mouth is just odd looking. It seems small for my face and my lips are crooked and lopsided. My goal is to just have a nice, normal looking mouth so I am not always worried about how it looks. I look terrible when I don't smile yet its cheesy to walk around with a big grin on your face all of the time! What can give me normal shaped mouth that is the right size for my face? (a little fuller wouldn't bother me either but its not just about fullness) Also I think there is too much space bewteen my top lip and my nose.

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Lip Fillers versus lift for Lip Augmentation in crooked lips.

 From your photo, your upper lip is very thin.  If you fill out the upper lip with Alloderm or the solid silicone lip implant, your lips would be more aesthetically balanced.  Try that, IMHO before placing a scar under your nose or along the upper lip to lift the lip.  Remember, it's a lack of volume issue and a lip lift will lift the red protion of your upper lip but will not increase the volume within that implant will.

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Lip augmentation options

Hyaluronic acids like Juvederm and Restylane are great for making lips fuller and more symmetrical.  They are challenging, however, in patients with a longer distance between the nose and lips as you are describing.  You may want to consult with an experienced plastic surgeon in your area about a "lip lift" surgical procedure where skin is excised under the nose to lift the upper lip closer to the nose.  Make sure you find a board certified surgeon who has done this type of procedure many times before.

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