Can a Bullhorn Lip Lift Be Reversed?

can a bullhorn lip lift be reversed? i got it only to show my top teeth when smiling. and although i only got lifted a couple of milimetres and i like it what i dont like is how it makes my top lip look from side on. i also find that it doesnt make my nasiolable angle look good even though nothing has changed in that area. will having this procedure have benefited me in future at all against ageing?

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Reversing lip lift

If you are still in the early stages of healing (first few months) I would encourage you to be patient as the tissues will relax over time and some of the undesirable effects you mention may dissipate

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Lip Lift Procedures Have Permanent Effects

Any form of a lip lift can not be reversed. It is an excisional skin procedure so there is no putting any skin back once it is removed. If your subnasal lip lift was done but a few millimeters, there is a very good chance that it will settle and relax out over time. If it was done in the past three months, some relapse will happen. If it was done six months or more ago, then what you see is how it will stay. I would now view this procedure as having any significant long-term anti-aging effects.

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