Should I Consider Lip Lift or Lip Augmentation?

I dislike the ratio between top and bottom lip. The top lip is small and seems like I have a longish upper lip (nose to mouth distance slightly beyond ideal) I have researched both the lip lift (under nose style) and augmentation. I want my philtrum to be shorter and more red lip to show with a defined cupids bow. At repose I have ideal tooth show and when I smile big there is 2mm + of gum show. As a dental hygienist, I could do gingival resection/veneers if things got too gummy. Opinions?

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Injectable fillers are the first step in lip enhancement.

You should try enhancing your lips with an injectable filler.  If you absolutely love the results, you can get fat injected into the areas which is safe and uses your own fat.

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Lip augmentation

You have great philtrum, phltral columns, great cupid bows, do not destroy these with a lip lift.

Start with upper lip enhancement, I prefer fat, but find a very competent surgeon

Samir Shureih, MD
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