Lip Lift and the Underlying Muscle? (photo)

I would like to have a lip lift to shorten the space between my nose and upper lift. I read one doctor said it is best to lift the underlying muscle as well in order to provide longer lasting results. Is lifting the underlying muscle necessary with a lip lift? Does cutting the skin alone cause distorted nostrils or poor results in the long run? I want my results to be permanent with no distortions. Thank you.

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Lip lift does not require muscle cutting

You are an excellent candidate for a lip lift.  This technique excises only the skin at the nose-lip junction, does not distort the nostril or result in poor long term outcome.  The results are permanent and natural.  The goal of this procedure is to increase your upper incisor show to 2 millimeters, decrease the distance between your nose and upper lip and roll out your upper lip to give you a more full youthful lip.  Cutting the underlying muscle is not required.


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