Should I Get Lip Implants, Fat Transfer, or Injectible Fillers for a Long-lasting Pout? (photo)

I would like a more luscious, full pout...what products would you recommend, especially regarding price vs quality? Also, do you think I need some surgery on my THIN lips, or can glosses and lip liner really make a difference? Thanks :-)

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If you must...

I think your lips are beautiful. I would start out slow, using an artificial filler such as Restylane or Perlane. They only last 6-12 months and this will allow you to see what your lips would look like with more volume. Take before and after pictures and compare them. If you like the result, then you can move to something more permanent.
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Lip fillers are always good to test the results before going to the permanent implants.

Fillers such as restylane/juvederm ($550/syringe) are great to start with since it allows you to see what size and shape you want. Later switch to lip implants($1500-2000/implant) for a more permanent result.  Fat injections or silicone injections can be done but often are not worth the problems.  sincerely,

David Hansen,MD

David Hansen, MD
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Should I Get Lip Implants, Fat Transfer, or Injectible Fillers for a Long-lasting Pout?

 I have performed many Lip Augmentations for over 20 years and published a scientific paper on the subject.  IMHO, the "gold standard" for Semi- permanent/permanent Lip Augmentation is the Alloderm Lip Implant.  It gives a very natural and aesthetically pleasing lip fullness that's not achievable with any other Lip Augmentation method including injections or other implants.  

 I am not a proponent of fat injections, especially in the lips, where I have seen it create vertical ridges in the upper lip (done elsewhere).  IMO, the most imporatnt issue, with Lip Augmentation, is having the proper aesthetic judgement that's required to ensure that the lips are balanced with the proper proportion to one another.

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Lip enhancement

Do nothing you have beautiful lips. Do not worry what every other model and star is doing.

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