Lip Implants: Any Risks Involved with Having Wisdom Teeth Pulled?

Is there anything that should be taken into consideration? Anything the dental surgeon should know? Thank you!

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Lip implant risk and dental work depends on what lip implant the health of the person and what is being done

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Some lip implants are more likely to get infected. In my experience, goretex is more likely than silicone lip implants to get infected. With implants, you may want to consider antibiotics prior to any dental procedure. Now a days the risks are thought to be much lower than before. I would tell your dentist, however. Below is a video on permalip augmentation.

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Lip implants

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There should be no problems with removal of third molars with lip implants.  Make sure your surgeon is aware of the implants so that no excess stress is placed on them with retraction during the procedure.  Hope this answers your question.  Donald R. Nunn MD, DDS Plastic Surgeon, Maxillofacial Surgeon.

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