Lip Implant Revision - Scarring and Massage

I just had my second lip implant surgery. They had to be redone due to excessive scarring, multiple infections, and lopsidedness. My PS insisted I didn't need to massage the ends or do anything else to keep them centered. This time I'm going to massage anyway. How often should I do this? They were redone 10 days ago, is it too late? Why do they keep getting infected? Is there anything I can do to make sure a 3rd surgery isn't needed? What about Singulaire for the scarring?

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Massage after lip augmentation is not needed

You don't need to massage the lips after lip augmentation with implants. Especially if your surgeon is telling you not to do this, don't do this.  The implants can get infected based on the fact that you are using a foreign substance in your body. It also depends on what you are using. If it is previously infected I would be less likely to use another implant. Scarring means less vascularity and less opportunity for your body to fight off infection with the decreased blood flow. Below is a video on silicone lip implantation for you to learn more about this procedure. Fat injections are a great alternative and we have more videos on our website for you to learn.

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