Can You Use 2 Different Lip Fillers in a 3 Month Period for Further Enhancement?

Would you use 2 diffrent lip fillers for eg Restylane and then Juvederm 3 months later for further enhancement? Or would you stick to Restylane because they still have it in the lips? The clinic I work at changes fillers and toxins according to the offers and prices. If a client has had Restylane injected elsewhere in the lips and we stock Teosyal or Juvederm, would you do the topup with either or would you order Restylane for her?

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Lip fillers

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You can certainly use different fillers in the lip. It is really personal preference as to whcih product to use.

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Using Different Fillers

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I see no problem with touching up Restylane with Juvederm. Both are hyaluronic acid products with similar enhancing effects. 

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