Would lip eversion help my upper lip? (photo)

I haven't very ugly lips, but I think the upper is too small if compared to the lower, and I also think my philtrum is too long. sometimes my lips look asymmetrical too. any suggestion, should I consider surgery?

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Lip injection to achieve balance between the upper and lower lips

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You do have some moderate imbalance of your upper to lower lip ratio (ideal ratio is considered 1:1.6). The lower lip should always be larger than the upper lip; when upper lips are overfilled and larger and more protruding than the lower lip, this is what leads to the "trout pout" deformities. You could benefit from slight augmentation of your upper lip with hyaluronic acid filler. I would not recommend any permanent fillers due to the risk of lumps of deformities that cannot be corrected without surgery.

Combining filler with a small amount of botulinum toxin along the upper lip can evert it and allow more of the red part of the lip to show. 

Upper lip shortening surgery does give nice results and makes more of the red part of the upper lip visible. Scars are usually well hidden around the nostrils.

It is difficult to see your facial balance without a picture of your whole face, however, I would suggest the non-surgical options first (hyaluronic acid filler plus botulium toxin) and then consider upper lip shortening if you do not achieve the desired result.

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