Lip Augumentation Other Than Injection?

I am wondering what other lip procedres are available other than lip fillers. On people who have naturally big lips, its not usually the 'volume' of their lips that makes them appear but the diamater and positioning. Lip fillers only effect the volume of the lip and if you want significantly bigger lips it will always look unnatural and swollen-like. When i lift my upper lip up with my finger and make it more upturned i like how it there surgery that exists for this?

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Lip Lift

 You have a valid point about fillers. Your particular anatomy may give you a very unnatural look with fillers, despite the fact that others can use them and look great. The fact that you can lift your upper lip and make it look upturned suggests that you would do well with a lip lift. With this procedure, skin is removed just below the nose so that no scar is visible. This averts the edge of the lip and improves the shape.

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