Will my Scar Band After Lip Augmentation Relax?

I am 5 weeks post-op on an upper and lower lip augmentation and am starting to have concerns. I have had a very full smile that I no longer can achieve without my upper lip flattening and creasing horizontally. Can the scar band be cut at the midline to release this area? Will the tightness decrease over time? It is beginning to affect my personality negatively as I feel that I cannot give a big, sincere grin.

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Changes In Smile After Lip Augmentation Are Not Uncommon

I would agree with Dr. Palmer, 5 weeks after lip augmentation is still a bit early to anticipate what your finals results might be. There is still a fair amount of healing which must be done before you can say that what you see is what you will get. Having said that, it is not uncommon after implantation of certain materials to get a change in your smile or other subtle characteristics of your animation. I would definitely suggest talking more with you physician about your concerns.

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Healing after Lip Augmentation

5 weeks may be a bit soon to panic but it depends on what was used to augment your lips and how the procedure was performed. I prefer Alloderm sheets placed below the mucosa along the entire front of the lips.

If alloderm was used and there is a scar band, yes this can be resected but I'd wait for 3 months. If a solid silicone or saline filled implant was used or strips of Gortex, it may not be scar but areas between the implant and your normal lips that's the cause.

In all cases, it's best to ask the plastic and cosmetic surgeon that did your Lip Augmentation for clarification and advice.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
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