Lip Augmentation Results in Two Days?

I want to have lip augmentation just on my lower lip, but I'm afraid to have problems in the next 2 days because it will be my graduation (I want to do it 2 days before the occasion) Is it safe? Would it look natural in 2 days?

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2 days is risky

First, you lips look gorgeous.  Are you sure you want to risk looking like a duck?

Second, if you bruise, of have an unusual swelling reaction, your graduation dream could become a nightmare.

There are shorter acting fillers with less reactivity if you were dead set on doing it, but there is risk.

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Lip injection for a special occasion

Having lip injection or augmentation 2 days before a special occasion is not recommended.  Swelling may take 24-72 hours to go down and if you get a bruise it may take longer to go away.  If you do get a bruise on your lip it could easily be concealed with lipstick. To decrease the risk of bruising and bleeding, avoid all blood thinners such as Vitamin E, Asprin, etc 2 weeks before the treatment.  Always check with your doctor however before stopping any medication. 

David A. F. Ellis, MD
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Lip Injections 2 Days before a big event?

Hi Veraz.  Two suggestions.

1.  We would not recommend undergoing a procedure like this before a big event.  In many cases lip injections cause bruising and swelling that can last up to a week.

2.  Your lips are full enough that if you showed up in our office, we would likely not treat you.  Consider sticking with what you have as overfilling your lips may look unnatural and lead to an outcome that looks much worse than your natural lips. 

Congratulations on your graduation and good luck.

Harold J. Kaplan, MD
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Not Recommended

All you have to do to answer this question is read the numerous questions posed by people on this site asking when their bruised or swollen lips will settle down.

Some degree of bruising or swelling can happen in the best of hands. Sure this goes down but usually in a week, not in two days.

I think you would want to look your best for the graduation, but the odds are too high that lip augmentation, just before the big event, will make you regret the decision.

By the way, your lips look fine, although from the photograph you might benefit from a small augmentation on the left lower lip. But wait until after graduation.

Arnold R. Oppenheim, MD
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