Lip augmentation/lip injection?

hello, I have always had a problem with my bottom lip being bigger than my top. Looks like im being pouty in every picture :) what is the difference between lip augmentation and lip injections? how long do these last? I didn't attach a picture of me here but if you view my profile you will see what I'm talking about in the picture there. Thank you.

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Re: Lip Augmentation/Lip Injection

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It is normal for the lower lip to be fuller than the top lip. But if you feel that your top lip is disproportionately smaller than the bottom one, a lip augmentation may help create a more balanced appearance. However, the results really depend on having a skilled doctor who can achieve your objectives while helping you look as natural as possible.

A lip augmentation is a procedure that is done to enhance the volume of your lips. It can be done surgically (with implants) or non-surgically with injections. Injection fillers are usually recommended as the most natural looking option. Hyaluronic acid fillers usually make the best choice. This molecule is a sugar that is found throughout our bodies. And it can hold large amounts of water. 

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Lip injections are a type of lip augmentation

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First, the bottom lip should be more full than the top lip. This is the natural balance between the lips. Evenly filled upper and lower lips look "done." Lip augmentation can be performed with an injectable filler (office), fat from around the belly button (often in the OR) or a synthetic implant. Many patients opt for filler as it can create a natural contour and can be reversed if the look isn't pleasing. With skilled injections, most patients are very happy with filler lip augmentation.

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