Lip Augmentation with Fat Transfer Related to Bells Palsey Deformation and Speech Problems? (photo)

I had lip augmentation on Friday. Today is Tuesday and my lower right side of my lip is more swollen, bruised and sorer than the rest of my lower or upper lips. The inside of my lower left lip feels like a large lump is forming. On the outside of the lower lip on that side I feel and see a white almost fever sore like mark appearing and it is very sore. Did the Dr. do something wrong. I was told I would loss some fat but at least 40% should stay with maybe some touch up is this true.

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Fat Transfer to lips

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I have stopped using fat transfer to lips because of the post op swelling and asymmetries that can occur. In Canada, Injectable fillers can last close to 18 months with the new filler that will be available in Canada.

Filler go in with minimal pain and bruising and swelling.



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