Can I Have Argiform Lip Filler Removed?

I had a lip augmentation almost two years ago in my upper lip and ever since I have developed granulomas on the lower part of the lip, which are painful if I push on them. On some days the lip swells up more then usual.

Am I allergic to the Argiform? Is it dangerous? How can it be removed from my lips?

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This product is not FDA approved in the US, but the company claims it is "easily" removable because it becomes encapsulated after injection. I would consult with the doctor who originally performed your injections. Granulomas can in certain cases resolve with multiple injections of cortisone, but you may wish simply to have them removed. Granulomas do not technically represent allergic reactions, rather a reaction of your immune system to a foreign object such as this polyacrylamide filler material in your lips.

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