Should I Get Lip Augmentation or Chin Reduction (Or Both) and Cost of Each?

Hello! I do not like the look of the bottom half of my face. My chin sticks out a bit (horizontally, not vertically) and my lower lip is a bit smaller than my upper lip is. I want to try botox on my chin muscle to relax and soften it and inject filler into my lower lip to make it bigger. 1. I want your professional opinion as to whether or not each of theses surgeries will help me look better and 2. How much those surgeries will cost

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Lower lip injections and chin augmentation

Your lower lip looks big enough in my opinion. Your lower lip should be as large as the colored part of your eye in vertical height and the length of the pucker should be about the width of the eye including the whites. Your lower lip looks almost ideal.  Your chin could use an augmentation. You have to send in a lateral profile view for surgeons to make a better comment. It would appear based on the pictures that you could have a chin implant.

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