Lip Augmentation and Depression?

Can lip augmentation help with negative body image and depression? Should someone with a negative body image be treated for depression before having lip augmentation? Could augmentation compound the depression despite that person doing it do improve their image of themselves?

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Lip Augmentation and Depression


       If I had a patient that stated that she or he had negative body image and clinical depression, I would definitely recommend for my patient to see a psychiatrist to ensure that he or she is getting the right treatment. If someone is clinically depressed, I am not sure that getting cosmetic procedures such as lip augmentation is the correct and absolute solution. In fact, if the expectations of the procedures are not met, then the depression could possibly worsen. All technical things aside, I believe that every single person has something beautiful about him or herself and while cosmetics can accentuate natural beauty, it is not always the answer! I always tell my patients to embrace their own beauty!


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Working progressively with a mental health professional in getting lip augmentation with fillers like Juvederm

It would be best for someone with negative body image and depression to seek the help of a psychologist or psychiatrist.  In terms of self concept after the procedure, different people respond differently. This largely depends on the expectations the individual has about if or how their life will change.  It is important to maintain a realistic perspective about what can be accomplished on an emotional level through cosmetic procedures like lip augmentation. Working with a psychologist or psychiatrist may help you attain a grounded, realistic perspective on the procedure.

And such professionals can help cultivate a healthy sense of self esteem in other areas of life  that are less contingent on physical beauty. When you are ready to have the procedure done, you can consider a conservative amount of filler like Juvederm to start . See how you like the results. And work with your psychologist/psychiatrsist if you decide to get more filler injected. The last thing you want to do is  fill your lips to the point where the results are unnatural.

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Lip augmentation and depression

Treatment of depression and negative body image should be done by a Psychiatrist or Psychologist.

While treated for this conditions you may ask them to help you "if and when" lip augmentation is good for you.

Even though I do not think that lip augmentation compounds depression you may be disappointed from the result as you had the procedure for the wrong reason or at the  wrong time.

Once you decide you want to have lip augmentation you may try one of the "shorter acting" fillers as they give you an idea how you look and if you do not like the result the filler is absorbed in due time.

Good luck.

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Lip Augmentation Could play a small part but your depression may be coming from many different areas

Depression should always be treated by a professional, a psychiatrist to be exact. Lip augmentation, from an aesthetic standpoint, can improve your appearance and could make  you feel better to a small degree. It may not be the cure all.  Get some expert advice. Below is a video on perma lip augmentation.

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