Lip Asymmetry After Mucocele Surgery. Repairable?

I recently had a large mucocele removed from the inside of my lower lip. The amount of tissue removed and the resulting scar inside the lip has left my lower lip asymmetrical, somewhat "sunken in" on the left, and my smile lop-sided. My upper lip and lower lip also don't line up anymore - my lip pulls to the right. Can I get a filler or repair to my lip? I also now dribble fluid out the left side of my mouth when I drink as a result of this indent. Is this repairable?

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wow sounds like a lot going on. if this is early after surgery give it some time. otherwise seek help from a board certified plastic surgeon.

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Lip Asymmetry Correction following surgical deformity

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Without detailed photos or an exam, specific recommendations would be tough to give. However, in general there is much that can be done including fillers and scar revision. Make sure you go to a board certified plastic surgeon or facial plastic surgeon.

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