How Easy Are V-Y Augmentations Reversed?

I had a minor cleft lip so I know this changes everything. However, my issue is about lip tension from side to side, ie. the distance between cupid's bow peak to the commissures. The doctor did a V-Y advancement in my lip and the non-cleft side cupids bow peak moved medial and now has less tension than the cleft side. This is not a good look since the philtral column is now more pronounced on the non-cleft side and my lip feels off balance. How easy are V-Y augmentations reversed? Please help

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Cleft Lip Revision

Usually this correction can be improved and a V-Y lip movement 'reversed' if necessary. Although this may not be only option available. I would suggest that you post some pictures of your lip to get a better answer on your options for improvement.

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How easy are V to Y advancements reversed?

In general, because the lips have a robust blood supply, a free mobile edge, and natural redundancy and elasticity, they are very "plastic," and V to Y advancement, in particular, should be reversible as a Y to V correction.  If mucosal scars are visible from the original re-arrangement procedure, these can be re-opened under local anesthesia and precisely undone.

Steve Laverson, MD
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