Lines on Sides of Chin. Restylane Only Lasts a Few Months. Alternatives?

I have been using restylane for these but it only lasts a few months..I'm considering some sort of laser but not sure which if any would fix these more long term any suggestions?

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Chin lines and Restylane

It's difficult to answer without seeing a photograph of what you are describing - You should consider posting images showing your specific areas of concern.

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Restylane not lasting

If the Restylane is not lasting long enough you may want to try Juvederm. Often times it will last longer.Otherwise you may want to try Sculptra. It takes multiple treatments (up to 3 treatments) but will last years .

I hope this informationh helps.


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No photo but this does not sound right.

I am going to guess that your injector is not using enough volume.  We are getting filler effects that last over a year and out to two years for most patients in all but the nasolabial fold at the base of the nose.  Generally Perlane is a somewhat better volumizer and preferred for the chin.  Remember that this is not a commodity service where all that matters is what you pay for the syringe.  You are having someone sculpt your face and you will pay more for better service.

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