Can I get just the lines in the forehead done only, as just one treatment?

I wanted lines in my forehead treated. The doc asked about the 11's between my eyes. I have never had botox and I wanted to just try it,that only my forehead was my concern, not the 11's. He wanted to do both areas cause according to him my eyes would droop and the effect would not work without 11's

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Of course you can choose what areas you choose to treat.  Some doctors may suggest that one area cannot be effectively treated without also treating opposing muscle groups so that your treatment is more complete, but ultimately, the final decision is yours.  It's about making you happy.

Birmingham Dermatologic Surgeon

Forehead lines

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The pateient had the right to make the decisions as long as they are medically sound and reasonable. I think it is ok.

Botox just for forehead lines

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Treating the forehead lines with Botox and not treating the lines between the brows is just fine. You doctor may not inject the lower forehead to decrease the risk if the brows dropping. If your brows do drop down, then another injection site can be considered.

It's Your Choice

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You are the patient and have the right to choose what you'd like to have treated. The doctor cannot force you to have something done that you don't want. However, you should understand that you may not be happy with your results.  

Deciding which areas to treat with Botox

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Botox works by relaxing muscles.  In the upper face the forehead muscles pull the eyebrows up and the muscles that make you frown and make the "11s" pull your eyebrows down.  Some people naturally have a heavy brow.  If you treat just the forehead of these people and they can no longer lift up their eyebrows they may feel like their brows have dropped and their eyelids are are also droopy.  The options here would be to 1) give a lower dose of Botox in the forehead so that you get some relaxation without a total paralysis, 2) treat both the forehead and the frown muscles which make the "11s"  and 3) treat the forehead only and wait for the Botox to take effect.  Once it has, if the brow is droopy you can treat the "11s." 

Jordana S. Gilman, MD
Washington Dermatologic Surgeon

Botox for forehead wrinkles only v. with 11s

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Yes, you can treat the forehead lines alone, however, ask your doctor why he or she is particularly concerned about forehead droop in your case. You may be unusually dependent on your forehead muscles to keep your brow up.

Dina D. Strachan, MD
New York Dermatologist

Botox, Wrinkle Treatment

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Yes, of course.  The horizontal lines, of the  forehead, can be treated with Botox alone.  So can the Glabellar area (11's) or together, the choice is yours to make.

Selective treatment of wrinkles with Botox

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Unless the "11's" (glabellar wrinkles) bother you, there's no reason to treat them.  Your forehead wrinkling can certainly be treated separately, without reducing the chances for a good result.
All the best,

Trust your doctor's judgment about where to use Botox first

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Since Botox works by causing muscles of expression to relax, it is important to consider what the muscle does before injecting it. Muscles in the forehead hold your brow up, so if there is a heavy brow and the muscle is injected you will see the wrinkles go away but the brow will drop. That would not be a good way to satrt with your first Botox treatment.

Treatment with botox

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Opting to treat just your forehead lines will be just fine.  If the other areas bother you, you can always come back and fight another day. Hope this helps.

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