Silicone Injected into Marionette Lines Left a Red Welt. What to Do?

Had an off Line Silicone Injected into Marrionette Lines.Now Big Red Welt.What to Do? I'm not sure if it was rubbed raw or what. I'm puttinbg antibiotic cream on it and icing it as well. It was done yesterday. It's not swollen and doesn't hurt although it feels "raw"

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Silicone injections to face

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Silicone is not recommended for injection purposes for facial rejuvenation.  The ASPS and ASAPS have a position paper on this subject because of the problems associated with this non-aaproved facial injection product.

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Red Welt after Silicone Injection

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Some redness or irritation can be normal after silicone injection is performed. Ice-packs and topical cortisones may help. I do not know what you are referring to when you say "off Line Silicone", but your best move is to call the physician who injected you. He or she is best prepared to help you with side effects or complications. Barry Resnik, MD, Dermatologist, Aventura, FL

Barry Resnik, MD
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