Does Line Erase from Canada Work Like Botox?

I had the generic version (non FDA approved) botox called Line Erase form Canada and loved it. Was not as happy with the results of botox. Why were my results different? I thought they were similar products?

My Dr is now saying that it has been pulled from the US so I cant get it here. I also can't find any info online about it. Does anyone know if it is still offered on Canada? Possibly under another name? Thank you!

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Avoid products from other countries

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To be honest, I never heard of Line Erase, but I researched it and learned that there is a product by that name available in Canada that is applied topically to firm the skin and improve wrinkles. This product in no way is the same as Botox, which is injected to diminish facial expression lines.

More serious, if you are getting injections with a product smuggled in from Canada or any other country, you are taking a risk. I have read that many of the web sites that advertise products from Canada have been actually traced to China or other countries when pharmaceutical standards are not as strict as in the U.S. You should stick with a reputable doctor who uses FDA-approved products.

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