Line of Bumps Immediately Following Juvaderm, Should I Try Massaging? (photo)

I feel a line of small bumps along my inner lip (both top and bottom) I just got Juvaderm lip injections (it's my first time having any sort of filler injection.) I was wondering if these were the bumps that need to be gently massaged, or if they are just from where the needle poked along?

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Massaging after Juvederm

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I don't recommend patients massage any part of their face after filler injections. In my opinion, patients don't have the touch of a physician and don't know where the injections were done or why. Massaging by an inexperienced hand can move the Juvederm around, creating more lumps and problems. If you think you need something done, or you feel lumps or bumps you weren't expecting, call the office of the physician that injected you for advice. They will tell you how that physician wants you to handle the situation and what to do.

Lip bumps after Juvaderm

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Although it is disappointing to feel bumps after Juvaderm treatment, it is possible reaction after injection of any hyaluronic acid gel. It does happen more often in the areas where the skin is very thin, such as the lips, especially if the injection was very superficial. This may be a temporary event, so with clean hands and vasiline, gently massage the affected areas for 5 minutes twice a day. If this does not resolve after 2-4 weeks, return to your practitioner to discuss treatment options. If these bumps are prominent or bothersome, you can have hyaluronidase injection, which is an enzyme that can digest the product and resolve these bumps.

Good luck

Marianna Blyumin-Karasik, MD
Davie Dermatologist

Line of Bumps Immediately Following Juvaderm, Should I Try Massaging?

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You should contact and follow the instructions of the MD that did your Juvederm injections as it's not appropriate for any of us here, IMHO, to give you medical advice while under the care of another physician.  

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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