What Can I Do About a Line Across my Left Cheek Only? (photo)

I have a line that runs across my face from my left eye diagonally down my cheek. What are the options for this?

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Dermal fillers and lines under eyes

Dermal fillers are great choice to fill-in any lines and depressions on the face.  More superficial lines need to be approached with great care. I would definitely recommend going to an experienced injector. In addition you may want to visit with a board-certified plastic surgeon who does both surgery and noninvasive procedures, as they might be able to suggest some surgical options such as a lower lid lift in combination with volume.

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What Can I Do About a Line Across my Left Cheek Only?

Options: Fillers, Fat grafts, excision under local anesthesia. Best to be seen IN PERSON by your surgeon of choice. 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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What Can I Do About a Line Across my Left Cheek Only?

It is not unusual for more aging and sun-related skin damage to appear on the left as that side is closest to the window while driving. The most frequently employed solution for an imprinted line like this is dermal filler injections. These are performed in the office and can be expected to last 1-2 years depending upon the type of filler used and the amount injected. Assuming that the line is not a scar, this should create a significant improvement but might require several treatments to optimize the result.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

Stephen Weber, MD, FACS
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