Can a non-surgical nose job improve the tip and nasal bump on my round bulbous nose? (Photo)

I would like to try a non invasive procedure if it can help me reach the results I want.

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Can a non-surgical nose job improve the tip and nasal bump on my round bulbous nose?

From the very limited photographs, it appears that there's a dorsal hump and a bulbous tip present. Placement of fillers in the nose is only temporary, is not FDA approved for that application, and will only make the nose bigger, not smaller. In addition, there can be significant complications such as skin process. Best to consider a surgical rhinoplasty to shave down the dorsal hump and reduce the bulbous tip. Rhinoplasty is a difficult endeavor, so choose your surgeon very wisely based on extensive experience and an extensive before-and-after photo gallery. For more information about surgical rhinoplasty, please see the link and the video below

Based on your photos, you may not be a candidate for nonsurgical rhinoplasty treatments.

Your photos reveal a somewhat large nasal appearance with a bulbous nasal tip. Depending on your examination, you may be a better candidate for rhinoplasty surgery to achieve a smaller, less distracting nasal appearance. Hope this helps you. Dr Joseph

Non Surgical Nosejob Needs--Fillers (voluma, restylane, juvederm)

Facial fillers (Voluma, Restylane, Juvederm) can be used to lift the nasal tip along with Botox and improve the symmetry of the nose, while disguising the bump. However, nasal tips need contouring with surgery to get the most improvement. See an expert for a formal evaluation. Best, Dr. Emer

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