Would surgery effect female ejaculation?

Before vaginoplasty I use to be able to ejaculate I know not every woman can do this or believe it's possible but I could and I'm getting frustrated that I cannot anymore I get the urge to but just don't so I don't feel relived because I get the build up and yet nothing. Would surgrey have stopped me from ever doing this again?

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Female Ejaculation and Vaginoplasty

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Congratulations on experiencing female ejaculation in the past and on your recent vaginoplasty. Hopefully, intercourse is more pleasurable for you. If you had an anterior vaginoplasty then the nerve complex near the G-spot may have been compromised or affected. If not, and you only had a posterior vaginoplasty, then you may need to give it some time and keep having sex to discover your new vagina. There are many factors that lead to achieving climax with or without ejaculation. If enough time has elapsed and you're not seeing any improvement then you should consider an O-Shot where Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is injected, painlessly, into your clitoris and vagina.

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Vaginoplasty won't mess with your female ejaculation

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Vaginoplasty involves surgery on the posterior vaginal wall while ejaculation is a function of the anterior vaginal wall. Since the surgery does not impinge on any of the anterior vaginal wall anatomy, you should not be impacted negatively in this regard.

Would surgery effect female ejaculation?

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Thank you and although unlikely, it really depends on what and where was the procedure performed.

Did you have any bladder work at the time of the procedure?

Did you have a non surgical laser type procedure that would also apply heat to the clitoral hood and anterior aspect of the vagina.

Hard to say and how long ago was your procedure.   Did your surgeon evaluate you for what is currently going on.

I know a lot of questions but it would to define a little more clearly what might be happening.

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Ejaculation after Vaginoplasty?

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Female ejaculation is a very difficult thing to pinpoint with regards to what stimulates the ejaculate to be expressed.  If you had one of the newer thermal /radiofrequency vaginal tightening treatments, then this may have tightened the mucosa around the gland openings responsible for the ejaculate.  In turn, this may now be blocking the openings and not allowing the expression of the secretions.  The good thing, though, is that most of these types of treatments really are not permanent per say. Think of a blister - the skin is very smooth and shiny and tight once the blister is gone (the vaginal mucosa after the treatment), but over time it goes back to the way it was.  Just be patient, keep trying to make your self ejaculate and see if you cant open up the glands and get everything moving again.  I hope this helps.

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