Does my scar seem high? (Photo)

In your opinion does the scar seem higher than they normally are? Or does that seem about 'normal'. I asked for the scar to be low so I can wear small bikinis and low cut jeans but the ends of the scar are almost level with my belly button! In the pics i am wearing the pants I was hoping to be able to wear after the op. Thank you.

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Does my scar seem high?

The scar might settle in well as you are a bit early in the healing process. As a note to others, it is very helpful to let your surgeon see you in what you wish to wear after the tummy tuck to help in planning and marking the scar location.

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Is my tummy tuck incision too high

Thanks for your question.  If the incision location is bothersome for you, you should certainly bring this up to your surgeon as there are methods by which he/she could revise the incision and move it lower.  It does not say in your comments how far postoperatively you are as it would be reasonable to ensure enough time has passed to allow the incision to have healed and settled into position.  It does appear that you have an excellent result from the standpoint of your contour.  Hope this helps and good luck!

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Thank you for your question.

The appearance of your #scar will continue to settle for about a year after your #tummytuck surgery.  If the placement truly bothers you, you can talk to your #BoardCertified #PlasticSurgeon about scar excision or revision.

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