How should I use radio frequency to get a good result?

Hi dear I have machine radio frequincy at hom , how should i use radio frequency to get a good result ,and how can i set temp.. leves up radio frequincy not // i 35 years old and i have normal skin .

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Home Radiofrequency Instructions

The key with radio frequency is to treat to maximum temperature. My suggestion is to use the machine until it becomes fairly warm on your skin. After that you must be concerned about blisters and overheating. The changes are strictly related to heating the collagen and elastic fibers. Thank you

Englewood Dermatologic Surgeon
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Home Light & Radiofrequency Devices Probably Not Worth Either The Time Or The Expense

In an article entitled "Home Devices: Do They Really Work" in the August, 2014 edition of Practical Dermatology, a journal for medical professionals, the author concludes "Although home devices appeal to patients due to their convenience, often they fall short when it comes to sound science and optimal outcomes...home use devices cannot sufficiently be considered 'prime time.'"

I can add little more to this, except to caution you to strictly follow the directions for use and keep your expectations for achieving gratifying results appropriately low. As an aside, unfortunately to date, when it comes even to professional light and energy-based devices, including fraxel lasers, I have been likewise been disappointed--finding them overall to be far more manufacturer backed marketing hype than hard science. Buyer and user beware. 

Nelson Lee Novick, MD
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