How do I get rid of the scars on my lips after a Lip Reduction Surgery? (photo)

Is there any board certified surgeon out there that can perform a scar revision surgery for me? Please let me know ASAP!! I recently had a lip reduction surgery on both of my lips. As you can see in the pics my lips are bumpy especially the lower lip. There's visible scar that looks swollen and it bothers me so very much. These scars make my lips appear bigger than they were before surgery. I am beyond desperate.

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Lip Reduction Recovery

So sorry you are experiencing this problem, but it sounds like you just had the surgery. It is quite normal for swelling and concomitant scar irregularities to last at least 4-6 weeks after surgery. Also scars need time to mature before final result can be appreciated, and that takes 9-12 months. Follow up with your surgeon. Check out the link below to an article about lip reduction surgery and healing as it may be helpful. Good luck!

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