What is the best way to eliminate crows feet or fine lines around the eyes?

At the age of 27, I have noticed a significant increase in the appearance of crow's feet/fine lines around my eyes when I smile/squint or basically use any muscle in my face. It is making me appear much older than I actually am. I'm not particularly interested in Botox or other cosmetic surgery. Does anyone have any suggestions to help eliminate these lines or dramatically reduce them or is Botox really the only way to go?

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Wrinkle around the eye

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Hi and thanks for your question. Botox is a very effective treatment for active wrinkle around your eyes but for fine winkle under the eye I suggest you to do a combination of PRP and non ablative laser . 

As you are a young person using a good product and sunscreen can prevent you to get more wrinkles in your face . I recommend you to see an expert physician.

Botox for Crows Feet

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Dear lhanson33:

Botox works both safely and effectively to soften out crows feet.  Along with Botox one should use great sun protection.  All the best.

Crows feet treatments

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Thank you for your question - If you prefer not to use Botox, my suggestions would be an eye cream (Obagi or SkinMedica have excellent options) and laser treatments around the eye area. There are two types of laser treatments: Non-ablative treatment with the Icon or ablative treatment with CO2. Both can be very effective. Non-ablative have little to no down time, but would require approximately 4 treatments. CO2 is more invasive, you may need 2 treatments, but will need appropriately 5 days of down time. Best of luck!

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Crow's Feet

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Botox is the treatment of choice for crow's feet.  It relaxes the muscle that creates the fine lines around the eyes.  If you're not ready to "take the plunge" for your first Botox treatment, you might want to consider a topical agent such as Elastiderm by Obagi.  The results won't be as dramatic as with Botox but you might notice a subtle improvement.

Paul B. Johnson, MD
Philadelphia Oculoplastic Surgeon

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