Do I need surgery to correct my tummy and give me a belly button back? (Photo)

I am 28, 5ft 4 I have had two children. In between pregnancies I underwent a laparoscopy through my belly button but I believe it wasn't stitched right because I have been left with a flap of skin above my navel and a really deep belly button which is more of a line than a hole. My abdomen is covered in saggy wrinkly skin that no amount of excercise will shift. I believe it could be possible diastasis recti (haven't been checked) I am considering a tummy tuck but unsure which one I would need?

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Getting the Belly Button Back

Thank you for your question. Having gone through multiple pregnancies and developing the degree of skin laxity as demonstrated in your photos, you would need a full tummy tuck to rejuvenate your anterior abdomen. The tummy tuck would include repair of the rectus muscle separation which occurs after pregnancy, as well as repositioning of the belly button and removal of a good amount of loose skin. Any defects or scarring from the laparoscopy could easily be remedied during the procedure as well.

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