Limited Facial Expressions Cause by Big Cheek Implants?

Can it be that the Cheek implants are too big and so there is no space anymore for my cheeks to move?

My facial expressions are really limited now. When I laugh, I look like a chipmunk. And also it looks as if I have sunken cheeks now. And I noticed that my upper lips are less full as if the cut inside my mouth has caused this.

Thank you, Vivian

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Cheek implant surgery can result in swelling

From your pictures, it appears that this was a fairly recent procedure. Cheek implantation can actually cause a lot of swelling. The swelling can last for several weeks and even months.

It seems as though some or all of the concerns you have could be attributed to this. The cut on the inside of your mouth should in no way affect the fullness of your lips. If this is still in the early post-operative period, I suggest waiting for the swelling to diminish.

If you have concerns, please see your plastic surgeon for some personal advice and a good examination. Good luck!

Portland Plastic Surgeon
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Big Cheek Implants

Everything you describe may be secondary to prolonged post-operative swelling. Your pictures show  fullness below the implants and in your lips. Be patient and discuss with your surgeon. If you're not ultimately satsfied, you can replace the implants with a smaller size.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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