Do Limelight and Photo Genesis Work For Sunspots and Broken Capillaries?

I am having laser 6 laser therapy treatments done on my face, decolletage and hands for sun spots and broken capillaries on my face. Also she is planning on working on my upper lip for vertical wrinkles. Does this type of laser therapy truly work? I am fair with red hair and freckles, 59 years old.

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Limelight and Photogenesis

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Limelight and Photogenesis are two forms of IPL and YAG. Both are effective to treat brown discolorations and red discolorations, and better when used in combination. With any laser treatments, the effectiveness largely depends upon your specific needs, products, and your technician's experience with these technologies. I have done over 120,000 IPL and laser treatments in my office and find them to be exceptional, but my technicians are extremely well trained and I see every patient who does these treatments to assist with their care, so again, effectiveness largely depends on these variables!

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