Top & bottom even wear required?

I am in the first tray of my invisalign treatment and am doing a pretty well in complying with the 22 hour daily wear. However I have occasionally taken the top tray out and left the bottom tray in when meeting with clients at work. Is it okay to wear the bottom more than the top or is the treatment designed for perfectly even wear? Thanks.

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Uneven tray wear

Wearing only one at a time will not hurt anything but your upper arch may start to lag behind if you are going too long without it.   This can become an issue depending on your individual teeth and where the teeth are more out of alignment.   If your just doing this on the first tray or two it shouldn't be a problem and by the end of the 2nd tray you should be more comfortable taking and meeting with people with the aligners in.   Just make sure at your appointment you inform your orthodontist that you are doing this and they will quickly be able to tell you if anything is not tracking correctly because of it. 

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Wearing your trays 22 hours per day will help ensure the best results. Taking your top tray out occasionally is okay, as long as you are still wearing the tray for the prescribed amount of time. Wearing your tray less than recommended may result in trays fitting improperly down the road. I hope this helps. Follow me if you have more questions.

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