Chin implant and body pain. Could this be one of the side effects?

I had the chin implant surgery 7day ago. It look great! I finished prescribed meditation to avoid any bacterial or infection. However, four days after the surgery I got extremely and unusual pain and muscles stiffens that travel from the left hand to my neck and shoulders, that I cannot sleep. If this could be one of the side effects or bacteria? or tit dose not have anything common with the procedure. I have just start taking ibuprofen 600mg and cyclobezaprine 10mg to relax the muscles.

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Body pain after chin implant surgery

I cannot think of a reason that placing a chin implant would cause pain in the hand, neck and shoulders unless it was due to an awkward position that you may have been in during the surgery.  You may want to notify your surgeon if you feel things are not improving.  

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