Likeliness of Filler Injection for Causing Blindness?

I have a depressed scar on my temple. It is not so deep, <0.4mm but obvious in certain angles. While I considered the autologous fibroblast injection, I recently read reports which states that there were patients who lost eyesight as a result of filler injection. While knowing those are rare cases, I'd still like to know how likely it is to occur in my case, based on the scar location and depth. Also at what amount can the filler cause blindness if wrongly injected into the blood vessel?

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Blindness after Injectable Fillers is rarely associated with procedures in the glabellar area.

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I have not read or heard of blindness occurring after injections into the temporal area. Depressed scars in the temporal area typically require a small amount of filler placed superficially. My personal preference is to use Silikon-1000, an off-label filler for permanent results. Silicone injections have not been associated with blindness, unlike larger-particle Injectable Fillers.

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Blindness from filler injection

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The reported cases of blindness have been cause by filler migrating into the vessels that drain into the eye area.  Typically injections into this scar would be into the dermis and with proper technique should not involve injection into the blood vessels nor impact them by pressure as over a bony prominence.  Therefore blindness is unlikely but not impossible.  The amount of filler to cause this reaction has not been measured, but it would not be a large volume potentially.

David J. Sire, MD
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