Likelihood That a Post-rhinoplasty Hump in Nose is Just Swelling? How to Broach This Topic with Surgeon?

Had open rhino/septoplasty to correct a deviated septum and reduce a dorsal hump about 3 wks ago. While slightly improved, the hump is still quite noticeable from profile and frontal view and nose doesn't seem much less deviated. Know it's very early, but wondering what the likelihood is that the hump will go away, b/c I told my surgeon it was the main reason for surgery. If it's the case that he was just more conservative than I intended, what are my options/costs/time-table for possible revision?

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Post-Rhinoplasty Hump May Be Swelling

It is very early to evaluate the permanency of the “bump”. It may just be swelling and, if so, it will improve slowly over time. Some massage and compression in the area may help. 

Your surgeon may have, indeed, been more conservative than you had hoped, but three weeks out is just too early to tell. Reevaluate your nose in three to six months to know for sure whether the bump is still present.

Good luck to you!

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Remaining dorsal hump

This is a good question. Three weeks is early, as you mentioned, but a frank discussion with your physician is warranted. Any caring physician would want to hear your concerns and address these issues. Without images it is hard to speak further, but if there are significant findings as you mention you may need a revision procedure after you recover from your most current operation. Be patient as things will improve after the swelling goes down, and time will need to pass if any revision surgery is to be performed.
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James M. Ridgway, MD, FACS

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Hump after rhinoplasty

Eventhough you are early in your recovery, if a significant bump is still present your surgeon should be able to tell. Do you have pictures?

In terms of options, if the bump needs to be removed, it will depend on its size. May need filing alone, or bone removal with further support to the middle i/3 of your nose.

I would wait at least 6 months.

Good Luck,

Michel Siegel, MD
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Residual hump is probably not just swelling.

At 3 weeks, much of the surgical swelling should be resolved, at least enough to see a pretty good idea of where your final result will be in 6-12 months. If you still have a significant hump, this needs to be evaluated by your surgeon (collection of blood? early excessive scar formation? or inadequate resection?) and his response to your concern assessed. Then you and he need to have a discussion about costs and timetable for re-do surgery.

Most experienced rhinoplasty surgeons will recommend a minimum of 6 months, and many up to a full year, so that any changes that are still occurring have had time to settle and resolve. This also allows adequate time to assess the adequacy of your airway improvement and possible need for additional septal/turbinate work, especially if the nose is not straight.

All surgical practices have a cost policy for revisionary surgery that you should have been apprised of PRIOR to your initial surgery. If not, ask now. Many practices will waive surgeon's fees, but the OR and anesthesia fees are usually the patient's responsibility. This is also a time to have additional consultations and get additional advice. You always have the option for a full-price second surgery elsewhere.

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Hump is still there after rhinoplasty

After three weeks there can be some stiffness in the skin and it will remain thick for several months, however we would think that if the hump is still there it might just stay. Pre-op simulation will help you and your surgeon come to the 'best look' and a common goal. If you have come up short, let him know to see how he will work with you. Most of us will ask you to wait at least nine months before a commitment to revision.

Peter E. Johnson, MD
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