Likelihood of MPB?

Hello, I would like a simple opinion about my likelihood for male pattern baldness. My maternal and paternal grandfathers died with a full of hair. My father (55) currently has most of his hair, however his hairline has receded slightly on the sides. All of my cousins (no uncles) on my mothers side have my grandfathers straight thick hair EXCEPT ME!! They are all older.My hair is a mixture of my fathers fine curly hair and my maternal grandfathers hair.

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Risk of Balding

It's challenging to 100 % predict any man's exact chances of balding. The genes for hair loss come from mom's side and dad's side.

In a research study of 572 men ages 16-91, young men with a balding father had a 5.5 times increased risk of balding than young men who did not have a balding father (Birch  MP Eur J Dermatol 2001; 11-16)

In another study, only 1 of the sons of 50 non balding men had Hamilton Norwood type III balding or worse. In contrast, 32 of 54 (60 %) of sons whose fathers were bald had Hamilton Norwood scale type III baldness or greater (Ellis JA. J Inv Dermatol 1998 110: 849-53).

Compared to men whose dad's are bald, having a father who does not have balding means you are less likely to have balding.  However, it's still "possible" as the genetics of balding is fairly complex

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