What is the Likeliness of Having Capsular Contracture or Other Complications Post-Op Breast Augmentation?

Hello, I am booked in for a BA 26 days from now. Still torn whether to go under or over, have been told i can have either, overs are more desirable to me at the moment purely because i feel my pec muscles are very active, as in i can see my current boob move even when i slightly move... BUT i am worried about capsular contracture incidence in over the muscle implants and other complications.. from experience can you tell me how likely these occurr?

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Breast Implant Positioning

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Hi there-

Without seeing you for a consultation and examination, it would be difficult to make a responsible, definitive recommendation....

In general, however, the best way for me to answer your question is to say that if your were my sister, wife, or mother, there is no way I would let you have implants placed above your muscle. The long term outcome and the complications this will lead to over time will almost always become a source of regret for you.

Over vs. Under the muscle and capsular contracture

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While there is no hard data on why capsular contracture happens, it does happen significantly less when the implants are submuscular. If I had to give an approximate percentage, in my own opinion, it seems that roughly 5% submuscular and 25% subglandular experience this issue.  However, some women will look nicer with implants over the muscle, it's as simple as that. Without seeing your before pictures, I can't commit on which would be the best approach for you. I hope this helps you.

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