Is My Nose as Straight As is Can Get? (photo)

Please give me your opinion on my nose, considering revision rhinoplasty, as you will be able to see from the photos my septum is deviated. It was previously straightened, and the surgeon told me thats is as straight as he could make it.

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Is my nose as straight as it can get?

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It is likely possible to make your nose straighter with a revision procedure, but an examination of your nose would be necessary to give you precise advice. In general, it is not possible to get the nose 100% straight, but improvements can be made. Straightening a crooked nose is a very difficult procedure and requires the skill of an expert. I would recommend seeking an in-person consult with a board certified revision rhinoplasty specialist. They will be able to examine your nose in person and provide you with the most accurate advice. I hope this helps, and I wish you the best of luck. 

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Revision needed after rhinoplasty

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Your pictures indicate an overly narrowed dorsum (it looks "pinched") with an inadequate refinement of the tip.  There is a curvature overall that also needs correction.  This will likely involve the need for cartilage grafts; I would plan to use ear cartilage since it is likely that the septum will now be inadequate as a source of donor material.  


This is the type of revision that should be performed by a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who has a lot of revision rhinoplasty experience.  Be sure to see a comprehensive portfolio of pre- and post-op pictures.....

Revision rhinoplasty

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 Revision rhinoplasty should be able to make this nose straighter than it currently is. This will involve spreader grafts, possible osteotomies and straightening the septum. Look for an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon to perform this procedure for you.

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Straight nose possible?

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It may be possible to make your nose straighter with a revision. This is a difficult procedure, and perfect straightness is not always possible. You might need a graft such as a rib graft to help straighten the bridge, and even these do not stay straight 100% of the time.


Best advice is to consult with expert rhinoplasty surgeons in your area, and have 2 consultations.


Good luck.

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