Took Out a Piercing in My Nose Bridge Resulting in Sunken Scars; What Can I Do? (photo)

Let me first start out by saying I was a piercing fanatic.. as a result of piercing the bridge of my nose (In between the eyes) I am left with sunken in scars. I'm very self conscious of these scars, and I would love to know whether or not Laser Resurfacing is the way to go. Any answers are very much so appreciated. Thank you for taking your time to answer. Note** If it's hard to determine from this picture, I will reattempt to capture a better image of the scar.

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Sunken Scars Respond Well to Subcision Combined with Medical Microneedling

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Depressed scars, regardless of their origin--traumatic, acne, infectious or surgical--often respond well to techniques that address the two basic problems inherent with these kinds of scars, namely the depression itself and the irregular surface texture and colors.

Subcision is an excellent method for elevating depressions. Under local anesthesia, a small sterile needle is inserted immediately under the depression and used to break up the scar tissue pulling the surface downward. By doing so, the surface of the scar is freed up from the thick bundles of abnormal scar collagen fibers that bind it, thereby permitting the surface to "float" upwards and become more flush with the surrounding normal skin. Additionally, this technique encourages new, native (one's own) collagen formation (neocollagenesis) to fill the empty space created. Significant improvement in eliminating the depression generally follows a series of two to four subcision treatments, spaced at six week intervals.

For further improvement, medical microneedling, using manual dermal rolling devices or the Dermapen (an electrically driven apparatus) may then be used to restore the surface texture and color of the scar. Using only topical anesthesia, a series of tiny needles create micro-breaks in the surface of the scar, allowing more normal skin to reform to further blend the scar with the surrounding normal tissue. A series of two to four treatments in a series are also required. I often combine subcision and medical microneedling  at each treatment session in order to expedite overall improvement. 


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