I Would Like to Know How Surgeons Make the Judgment As to How Much of the Turbinate to Remove?

I am planning on getting a septoplasty and turbinectomy to improve my breathing. After doing some research online I’m starting to worry. What if my surgeon removes too much of my turbinate’s? Is it an eyeing it out sort of thing, or is there a formula (for lack of a better word)? Everyone’s physiology is different. In turn, how do surgeons minimize the risk or prevent the patients from having empty nose syndrome? Am I over worrying?

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Surgery is a judgement call and depends on the surgeon's expertise...

Hi.  Good question.  Ultimately any surgery comes down to judgement of the surgeon and you have to chose one who you trust.  Trust in a surgeon depends on their training, their credentials, their experience and expertise and their honesty regarding their own work.  Healing and individual patient factors are key as well.  As long as the surgeon does not remove an extreme amount of turbinates, slight variations shouldnt make a big difference.  Being conservative is always a good plan when it comes to the turbinates.  

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Turbinate reduction

 We perform a combination  conservative submucous resection of the turbinates along with out fracturing to prevent empty nose syndrome. Overaggressive resection of the skin lining and bone of the turbinates will result in too open of an airway. Not enough removal  results in patiens still getting nasal congestion symptoms

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