I Would Like a Specific Aesthetic from Rhinoplasty?

I am 18 and adamant about getting the best results I possibly can, and I am willing to pay whatever is necessary for a surgeon that can work with me to figure out how I can receive the results I desire. My nose is slightly prominent, it has the "deviated" bump and a somewhat wide tip. I would like to have a "pixie" elfin-like nose with a refined tip and a MUCH more significant slope, very delicate. Is this realistic? I'm nervous! This is very important to me and I fear choosing the wrong doc!

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I Would Like a Specific Aesthetic from Rhinoplasty?

      The hump and dorsum can be refined to give the scooped out look.  However, this needs to be subtle, and overresection of cartilage in this are leads to problems that you do not want.  In addition, the tip can be refined, but the promise to get a very fine pixie nose may not be realistic.   You must consider skin thickness in this situation.   In addition, a pinched tip due to overresected cartilage will lead to collapse and breathing difficulties.  Each rhinoplasty is a compromise between aesthetics and breathing, and this needs to be understood.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Goals of My Rhinoplasty Surgery

It is great that you have thought about your goals. You need to consult with an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon to  determine if they are realistic and you will achieve a natural result.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Rhinoplasty and results

While it may be possible to perform the rhinoplasty you request, you have to also take into account that reducing the nose excessively like the ones routinely performed 20-30 years ago may cause functional problems in terms of breathing. Best to be seen in person.

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Aesthetic rhinoplasty

 It is very important to not get a nose that looks “done” or  “surgical “. It is always best to have a very natural-looking nose  that appears to fit your face. Virtual rhinoplasty software is available on our website for you to get an idea of what  your new nose might look like.

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The best way to communicate about a specific result in rhinoplasty is with computer imaging

Even if you are looking to change your nose signifiantly, computer imaging can help project what it might look like. You might change your mind about how far you want to go. Plus an experienced surgeon can likely discuss the pros and cons of aggressive rhinoplasty. You also need to be examined first to make sure your skin type will allow such changes.

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