I Would Like to Go with Smaller Implants and Raise my Breasts. What Do You Suggest? (photo)

In March 2012 I had implants replaced due to a leaky left silicone implant. My original size was only AA and following pregnancies and nursing was almost non-existant. I wanted to stay small (A size) but the surgeon said he needed to insert ~350cc b/c the previous Mentor profile no longer existed. He also lowered the IMF incision b/c I had no lower pole. However, I am unhappy with feeling my breasts resting on my lower ribs, with the large silicone to breast tissue ratio and feeling unnatural.

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I Would Like to Go with Smaller Implants and Raise my Breasts

Usually I recommend a six month wait before considering a size change, but in this setting, knowing that you were happy with the previous size and unhappy now, it would certainly be appropriate to have them switched to smaller implants. 

I would think hard about raising the breasts--if you look at the photos you sent, the nipples look quite low on both breasts before the recent surgery, and in a balanced position now. 

Among the implant companies selling product, your surgeon should be able to find an implant of suitable width at 250 cc to get the size you wish.

Thanks for the question, best wishes..


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