Won't Facial Movement & Normal Aging Compromise Radiesse?

Seems Like Radiesse is the Filler of Choice for Augmenting the Jaw Angle but Won't Facial Movement & Normal Aging Compromise It?

People like Radiesse cause it's supposed to build some permanent collagen / scar tissue. Masseter muscle is extremely busy -- allowing us to constantly talk, chew, & eat. Doesn't this movement make it hard to keep the perfect shape jaw angle created, as the Radiesse does it 's work ? How does filler look when people move the area injected ? Aging: You have filler in one area, but everything around it ages, loses collagen, & sags. How will filler look when this process happens ?

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Radiesse for jawline

Radiesse is a great option for filling and reshaping the jawline.  It is injected deeply, over the bone.  This is an advanced, off-label technique.  While Radiesse is longer lasting (12-18 months), it is not permanent.  Facial movement will not affect the filler.  As with all filler procedures, a board-certified dermatologist with cosmetic experience should perform the procedure. 

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Radiesse For Jawline Enhancement

When you have Radiesse injected into the jaw, you should try to refrain from excessive muscle activity in that area for about the first 48 hours. This includes extensive talking, yelling, chewing gum, eating chewy foods, etc. Beyond that, Radiesse typically does just fine as a temporary augmentation to bolster the jawline. As for the concern with aging, Radiesse promotes a small amount of collagen production during the time it is in place. Once Radiesse dissolves after about 12 to 18 months, the tissue at the injection site should return to normal. Thus, the natural aging process should not be disrupted.

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Won't Facial Movement & Normal Aging Compromise Radiesse?

 Facial movements will not move or reduce the volume of Radiesse injected for the 12 months that Radiesse will last.  I use Radiesse to augment the mandibular angle and have not found the Masseter movements to affect the Radiesse at all.  The Radiesse is not injected into the muscle but into the tissues above.

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Won't Facial Movement & Normal Aging Compromise Radiesse?

For better or for worse, Radiesse is not a permanent filler but the issues you raise are important: as you age your face will change.  That's one good reason not to use a permanent filler (what is appropriate now may not be in ten years) or to restrict its use to small amounts.  The Radiesse should last about 12-18 months; it's unlikely that your face will have changed much in that time period.  Eventually, though, you'll need different amounts/distribution of the Radiesse than you do now.

I hope that this helps and good luck,

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Movement and compromising Radiesse

Normal movements are fine, even with Radiesse in the jawline. The filler doesn't build a great deal of collagen but it builds a very small amount. I think this fact is overstated a great deal. It's not going to make it so that one round of Radiesse will rebuild a jawline for you. For most people you won't even notice, unless you get Radiesse again and again, that anything is really changing or building underneath.

The other thing I would point out is something I say a great deal, which is what you are pointing out for me. The body will continue to age, so more permanent fillers are not always great. Your body will age and your skin will change, so when people say they want fillers to last forever, no, you really don't. You want fillers that last awhile, but then the next round can be injected just a tiny bit differently and so on and so forth, to deal with natural aging! In my opinion the best fillers should last a maximum of 18 months.

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