Will I Look Like Post Op Day 1 After Swelling Finally Subsides? (photo)

I loved my post lipo results on day 1 - 12 hours post surgery. Its exactly what I had hoped for. I am now week 8 and I know that I still have swelling. There are tender areas still and post exercise I am more swollen. My dr cleared me to stop wearing compression last week. I had Body Jet followed by Smart Lipo. I was told 3000 ccs were removed...not sure if that includes fluid or not. Once the swelling is finally gone should I look like I did day 1 post op? Or is that not reasonable?

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Results after liposuction

I would expect that at 8 weeks after liposuction there is still swelling which will probably take several more months to resolve. It is also normal to have swelling after exercise. There was also swelling on the first post-operative day so that may or may not be a good indication of what your final result will be. But, if you are more swollen now, then it may be closer to what your final result is than what you see now.  It's unfortunate that we can't predict final results--only time will tell.

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