I would like to get plastic surgery for my face to be more symmetrical?

When I look in mirrors and just stare I get deeply perturbed. This has always bothered me. I just don't find myself beautiful for this very reason. I'm sick of always using bangs to hide me. The problem I think happened when I was in a motorcycle accident at 6 years old. I have had a dent in my forehead since then (not very noticeable in this photo) and when my eyebrows are raised a knot can clearly be seen to which I have been asked many times "what happened to your forehead??" please help me!

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Mini brow lift and rhinoplasty for a more symmetrical face.

Mini brow lift and rhinoplasty for a more symmetrical face is what you would require to achieve this. The mini brow lift can be done at the hairline with the hair buried so it grows through the scar. The rhinoplasty would narrow the nose and refine your tip as well as removing any bump.

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